Landscape Services


A well-designed landscape can be inspiring – by framing your home, warmly welcoming guests, providing a sense of calm and relaxation, or providing exciting entertainment areas. A beautiful landscape can enhance your curb appeal, increase your property value, and give you lovely views out of your windows.

At Smith Brothers, we will work with you to develop a plan that fits the theme you desire, expresses your personality, and meets your entertainment/play/relaxation needs. Nature provides an expansive palette of colors, textures, scents and plant formations to work with. Our specialists are knowledgeable in the types of flowers and plants that grow best in our area, and will make recommendations based on the specific conditions in your yard.


Landscape & Hardscape Installation

For new landscape development, we work with some of the most talented and well known Landscape Designers in the Kansas City area to create amazing outdoor living spaces. Our talented staff will then bring your vision to life, taking your project from design phase to project completion. We have the dedicated staff, experience, and fleet of equipment to complete major installation projects for landscaping, hardscapes, outdoor lighting and more.

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Landscape Maintenance

Your landscape is always growing and changing. That means developing a comprehensive maintenance program to help manage its maturation and ensure your plants reach their maximum value and splendor.

Proper pruning of trees, shrubs and other plants is the first step to keeping your vegetation producing healthy new growth that supports a solid balanced structure. Your plants may not look dramatically different, but they will be healthier. We may also recommend pruning to balance the overall shape of your trees/plants. Our certified Arborist knows the proper pruning for your species of trees and shrubs.

Sometimes, plants have just outgrown the space they have. We can remove them and our experts can assist with proposing appropriate replacements.

Small issues may develop in your yard and could be an indication of a larger problem, such as improper drainage. If water run-off is not correctly directed: standing puddles can develop, your home can be damaged, yard fungus may develop, or plants may die. There are many solutions available, depending on your yard. Our experts can assess the situation and develop an action plan. See our “Irrigation” page for more details on drainage options.

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Outdoor Lighting

“Nightscaping” is one of the hottest trends in outdoor home improvement today. Lighting can add value to your property while increasing its beauty, safety and functionality. You can brighten a large area with soft lighting to provide a warm, inviting ambiance, or simply highlight a specific area to make it more dramatic and a focal point. Well-lit yards and walkways enhance both safety and security. Outdoor lighting around a patio, pool, grill, deck, or outdoor kitchen will allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces well into the evening hours.

There are numerous lighting options, making it a difficult job to choose where and what to light. Some fixtures are set on the ground and “uplight” a specific area. Others are mounted to shine down on a broader area. Still others may “glow”, spotlight, or even backlight an area. We have the expertise to assist you with choosing the type and the best placement of outdoor lighting to achieve your desired effect. We can also maintain your landscape lighting to ensure it works properly and reliably.

We provide lighting services to both commercial and residential customers’ properties.

Additional Services we provide:

  • Spring & Fall Annual Planting
  • Mulching
  • Shrub Trimming & Pruning
  • Ground Cover Control
  • Plant Bed Clean-up
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