Landscape Drainage, Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Irrigation System InstallationMaintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape can be a real challenge, especially in the extreme heat of the summer.  One excellent tool is the installation of an irrigation system.  Smith Brothers can custom-design a system that provides the proper efficient watering to each area in your yard, based on the vegetation, sun exposure, etc.

The largest cost of an irrigation system is the water used.  We install RainBird brand systems that make the most of every drop of water with patented quality efficient components.  Inclusion of items such as weather-based smart control systems that use temperature, rainfall, humidity and other environmental data to automatically adjust watering can help save you even more money.

Another benefit that can be included in your system is a foundation watering feature.  In the extreme heat of the summer, the ground around your foundation may pull away and cause settling of your home.  You can protect your home before this damage occurs.

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Irrigation System Design And Installation

Our Certified Irrigation Designer has over 15 years of experience.  Your plan will be unique to your yard and needs.  Different vegetation has varying water requirements and the sun exposure also greatly impacts the design.The last factor is any elevation changes in the yard which could impact water run-off.

Once the Designer has completed his site visit, he will create a detailed custom diagram of your irrigation system. This will show head locations, spray patters, coverage areas, and the location of all core components. He will also develop a detailed schematic of all the equipment locations. Your plan will ensure efficient watering of each area in your yard, based on the vegetation, sun exposure, etc.

Installation of an irrigation system typically requires 1 – 2 days.  Our designer will meet with you beforehand to review the project and address any questions or concerns.

Specialized digging equipment provides the least disruption to your yard.

Following installation, our Designer will meet with you to ensure a proper clean-up was done, make any head adjustments, explain the main controls, and ensure all your expectations have been met.  Note: lawn re-seeding is done in any disrupted areas.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Once installed, expert maintenance of your sprinkler system is necessary to maintain efficiency and protect your investment.  If you notice anything unusual, our professionals are happy to check your system.  Debris is often the culprit of irrigation problems.

A full-system walk through includes:

  • Visual inspection for damage, leaks, & proper head alignments,
  • An electrical check of wiring,
  • Evaluation of controller programming,
  • Water meter check to ensure no leaking valves.

We provide year-round maintenance, from initial start-up in the spring to winterization of the system to prevent pipes from freezing & breaking.

In some areas, Backflow Testing and reporting are required.  This annual testing ensures no Irrigation system water returns to the house or municipal water supply.  We have a Certified Backflow Inspector on staff.

Complex Irrigation System Repair

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Before Yard Regrading

Landscape Drainage & Erosion Control

Most drainage/erosion problems start as a small issue, but may become a large problem if not properly handled. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to develop an effective plan to mitigate or eliminate these problems before there is damage to your landscape, home, or foundation.

Some signs of a problem area are:

  • Soggy spots or puddles in the yard that take a long time to dry following a rainstorm
  • Water leaking into your basement
  • Soil erosion
  • Cracks, sinking or sagging in walkways or driveway
  • Flooding in your yard during rainstorms
  • Mulch that washes away from your plant beds
  • Soil washing onto sidewalk or patio during rainstorms

There are several different solutions for drainage issues.

  • Proper grading of your yard and plant beds – to ensure water is not pooling in a flat area, or running towards your home, patio, or other undesired location
  • French drain – an age old solution; essentially a trench filled with gravel and possibly a perforated drain line that is then covered and the surrounding area is graded to drain to this trench
  • Downspout drain – connects to your gutter to carry the water away; the drain line may be buried to direct water to a lower spot in the yard, near the property line, or near the curb. Note: this technique may be used to direct water away from other places as well (e.g., from a window well)