Consultation Service

There are many situations when a consultation with Smith Brothers’ certified Arborist is beneficial.  His expertise can SAVE you money and potentially property damage.

Some specific evaluations he performs are:

  • looking for tree trunk or root damage
  • damaged or dying tree limbs
  • disease or insect infestations
  • potential hazards for storm damage
  • structural weakness in limbs
  • unhealthy soil compaction or yard grading
  • recommendations for tree replacements
  • signs of decay and its extent
  • potential spreading of diseases or insects
  • benefits of pruning
  • mineral deficiencies or malnourished trees
  • overall tree and shrub health

Smith Brothers’ Arborist is one of the only professionals in the Kansas City area who is certified in Tree Risk Assessment by the International Society of Arboriculture

We are happy to spend time with you to hear your specific concerns & goals, and then develop a personalize plan for your landscaping needs.